Memorial Day – 2010

This is the time that we all honor the real life Hero’s of America, those that have fallen defending our very existence. Whether you visit a gravesite, attend a ceremony, or simply take time to reflect on all that has transpired. The many times Americans have risen to the challenges of maintaining our way of […]

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Top Official Says Feds May Not Process Illegals Referred From Arizona

The Title says it all. Its from a Fox News article. It basically says the ICE may not take Illegal Aliens arrested in Arizona..  What it really says by its innuendo is that somewhere in the Chain of Command the Boss has told them to stall. Let me make sure I understand this….It says they […]

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Hey L.A Get the message yet?

Its apparent (albeit it IS from FOXNews….) that a BIG majority of Americans think Los Angeles boycott of Arizona was way out of Line.. And another one from the LA TImes. In other words they (L.A) should BUTT OUT. Readers of mine already know my opinion. The Fox Poll URL is here The LATIMES Poll […]

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Oil Spill makes it to loop current??

Recent satellite imagery shows the oil spill…apparently being pulled by the loop current, which runs through the Gulf of Mexico along the Gulf Coast and swings down along the Florida Keys on its path around Florida and up the East Coast. If the oil makes in into the current in significant quantity, it could easily […]

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Opps did I do that ..

Today while scanning the news items I saw this article. It made me ponder, yet again, the WISE ONES elected in Califonia. Understand, I try not to pick on California and the people that run the state’s day to day operations…but they OFFER SO MUCH in stupid actions….it is hard to resist. Let me make […]

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