What is up with California?

Posted on May 12, 2010
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I always thought California was part of the United States of America.  But the news lately sure sounds bad…Especially the school system. What the hell are they trying to teach there? Of course I live in hicksville to some. But the American Flag is revered here.

Examples of what I am talking about are the kids that were sent home for wearing  flag / patriotic colored clothing on May 5, because the vice principle “thought” it might cause issues with the hispanic  kids???

A art teacher tells one child her drawing of an American Flag was offensive….but praised the drawing of President Obama?

Flag the was offensive?

7th Graders artwork that was called Offensive.

Los Angeles “boycotting” business with Arizona over their tougher illegal immigration enforcement law….Since a majority of Americans agree with that law and its intent… whats THEIR problem with a different states law?

See a pattern? If those communities “agree with these actions….there is a problem.

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