You broke the law…. Illegal Aliens

Posted on May 14, 2010
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Lets not soften the blow.
You chose to come to the United States to live. You chose to enter MY country without permission.

I, am one of the millions of Americans that up to this time have been silent. You parade and organize and have 50000 thousand people group together to tell us how unfair it is that we are beginning to enforce existing laws.
Are you trying to tell us we don’t have the right to enforce our laws?

I am one of the millions of Americans that are now beginning to wake. To say  “its not fair .. to us”!

Some think that since you are here, you have a “right” to stay.
My response is “No!”. Unless you followed the legal process, you are here without my governments liberal permission.

Why do you think its okay to selectively break our laws?
Are you fleeing tyranny? Wanting to improve you life? Want to live with a legal immigrant relative?  Fine follow the path to LEGAL immigration. Just like the 150000 from Mexico that immigrated here legally last year. — But it can take years to immigrate legally!!!
Very true. You do understand that we don’t want just ANYBODY right? We want citizens that will benefit the United States. And there are a lot of people wanting to come here.

Do NOT come to my country illegally, and expect us to feed you. To House you. To educate you.
I don’t want to pay for you. For that matter neither do the millions of others.

There is a difference between compassionate help and being taken advantage of…
You are quite simply here illegally, attempting to use our system to your advantage.

Go Home.

You are frankly starting to annoy me. I feel umbrage that you think its okay to ignore our laws.  Go Home and improve your country. Be proud of your heritage. Make your country better. But don’t try to tell me you are entitled to anything here. Don’t start parading around my streets protesting… That’s not going to help your cause.

We hear outcry’s of groups telling us you have a RIGHT to be here?  Why?  Is it my fault that YOU CHOSE to bring your child here when he was 2 years old, and have stayed here illegally for 12 more years? You knew you were here illegally. Your child speaks only English? Doesn’t remember your homeland? Is it our fault you made a BAD choice? Your child should be mad at YOU, not at the people of the United States.

You should have followed the legal process.You are to blame for your problem.
Wait – you have a child born here, who is a Citizen…. but you aren’t… Well thats what you planned isn’t it? Hoping you could piggy back on that to gain citizenship?  Fine, go home until you get it. That may seem unfair…and harsh. It is. But its the law.

All are not blameless. Our government has slacked off on enforcing our rules. That will change. It must.

Building a “fence” to stop the influx of illegal aliens is silly. Not realistic.

Create an environment that is not conducive to Illegal Aliens.

One – Change the 14th Amendment of the Constitution so that ONLY children born of parents in the country LEGALLY can become citizens.  That amendment wasn’t put in place to help you.We didn’t limit immigration in 1868 when it was ratified. – No more “Anchor Babies”. Tell me why any group could complain about that realistically.

Two – Enforce the current law. Maybe even make it criminal not just a Civil offense to be in the U.S Illegally. Make it a crime to harbor said illegal aliens knowingly.

Three – Punish employers that knowingly hire Illegal Aliens, and punish them HARD.

These changes effect ALL illegal aliens. And minimize any effects on LEGAL aliens.

Now tell me WHY we can’t do that?

What about amnesty for aliens already here?
No. I personally am not against a fast track toward citizenship or work visa’s…AFTER a close scrutiny of the individual. And how that person can benefit US by allowing them to be a citizen. But not a automatic “get out of jail free” pass.

If you really want to be an “American Citizen of the United States” be prepared to be an American. Not a part time American. Not an American when it benefits you. We have a U.S. Flag we display. We are proud to be American, would you be?

No one should have an issue with an immigrant honoring their heritage. But remember… you left that behind… If you can’t be American first….then stay back in the old country.

Do not try to change my country to be like what you left behind.  This is not an extension of your original home. This is the United States of America.

All of the above is my opinion. And is shared by millions of others. Politicians are beginning to recognize this. And being the self centered, “want re-election” types will modify their voting skills accordingly… or be replaced.

This is the part were most would place comments like –
America welcomes Immigrants, Immigrants add needed diversity, Immigrants contribute to society. All of that is true and I agree with it. It doesn’t matter how good the person is if they broke the law to get here. Do I want someone REALLY that KNOWINGLY breaks the law? Which law gets broken next time?

I believe in America, we are proud of our heritage. Why then can’t we keep it? And our traditions, and our way of life?  Why MUST we change? Is it to keep you [Immigrants] from having to change? It is our very way of life that brought you here in the first place…

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3 Responses to “You broke the law…. Illegal Aliens”

  1. ThePeachy1 on May 14th, 2010 12:23 pm

    When you say illegal, you mean everyone right? not just our southern neighbors? but EVERYONE who is here illegally and milking our already stressed system, or thinks the american flag is offensive or oppressive? ( I think only Native Americans have a right to find the american flag oppressive ) I just want to clarify so when your comments start coming they make sure to call you the proper hateful names. In other news, good post.

  2. BacardE on May 14th, 2010 12:30 pm

    @ThePeachy1 – of course I mean ALL illegal Aliens. Not just from Mexico. That being said, you don’t see 50,000 Polish immigrants protesting the Arizona Law. The law should be applicable to ALL immigrants. If one particular group “feels” it applies only to them..that would be a mis-perception on their part.

  3. Jesse McMahen on May 25th, 2010 6:38 pm

    I totally agree with you BacardE !!! Very well put 🙂

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