Top Official Says Feds May Not Process Illegals Referred From Arizona

Posted on May 21, 2010
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The Title says it all. Its from a Fox News article.

It basically says the ICE may not take Illegal Aliens arrested in Arizona..  What it really says by its innuendo is that somewhere in the Chain of Command the Boss has told them to stall.

Let me make sure I understand this….It says they may not do their job. Intentionally….Just because they don’t approve of Arizona’s law.  IF they had said that until the law is proven constitutional they wouldn’t take illegals arrested… I could believe that….

This is yet more proof that this administration and its appointees need to go. To be replaced with people that will support the Majority of Americans and not a small subset.

What happens if the Fed don’t process the arrested individuals? Perhaps they will sit in an AZ jail? I hope not. But if they do its I.C.E’s fault……

And whats up with the Mexican President Felipe Calderon. You know few complain about the intent of the Arizona law (They cant because it matches the Federal Law) except for the possiblity of “Racial Profiling”…. Oh my….  Every Law Enforcement officer has the opportunity to single out people everyday for the simplest of reasons if they are so inclined. This law is no different. It depends on the Integrity of the officer…..

If President Felipe was really worried about ??? Mexican Citizens ???? in the United States illegally….he would stop it… I mean they have  harsher laws then Arizona is contemplating for their immigration policy… he is being hypocritical….in that its okay for they Mexican Law enforcement to uphold their laws…but we can’t.Lets make a deal President Calderon, you enforce your laws….we will enforce ours!

They all need to just shut up. Its okay to complain IF racial profiling happens…but let this get decided in court if needed…

Lets DO REFORM our IMMIGRATION law…right after we REFORM our current administration.  It is time every American speaks out. Our Government is intentionally failing its citizens. Well not all of them….I will be nice and not enumerate the list that benefits from the new policies….but I bet its not you….or your children….or your grandkids….

It’s time that the majority that has been silent, watching our Rights eroding away SPEAK UP. Before the very principles that America has been built on are morphed into some ugly diseased variant that weakens America.There are MILLIONS of us that, up until now, have silently watched….

What is wrong with wanting to keep America Free? To believe in and want to maintain the Constitution?
What is wrong with wanting to keep our culture? ..
To be what we are, and not what others wish we were…. I don’t want to change to make someone else happy. I certainly won’t be FORCED to accept change that a majority don’t want. Nor will you!

Are we so afraid we might “offend” someone by standing up for OUR rights? They certainly don’t mind offending others to stand up for their perceived rights? They don’t demonstrating the “get in your face” attitude.

This goes way beyond Immigration. It goes to the very precepts that our current Administration is basing its decisions. Not just the President, but every Congressman, Senator, every so called representative that  refuses to “represent” us.  Remember EVERY one of them and vote them out…. “Voted for that health care package? you know the one with a Majority of people against it at the time? – gone…  You remember the ones that lied? Paid off by some ear mark?? GONE!

Believe it or not. you STILL control the government. They may try to convince you otherwise. Soon many politicians will soon start “back sliding” to try to cover those previous mistakes. To stay in office….. REMEMBER their actions…. Send them packing.

Send them a REAL message at the voting booth. They don’t seem capable of hearing that message any other way. They know its coming……put a boot to them……SPEAK UP!

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