You broke the law…. Illegal Aliens

Lets not soften the blow. You chose to come to the United States to live. You chose to enter MY country without permission. I, am one of the millions of Americans that up to this time have been silent. You parade and organize and have 50000 thousand people group together to tell us how unfair […]

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Amateur Aerial video of Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico

Living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast this scares the crap out of me. The cost and damage to fisheries could be enormous. Above video from Youtube . An article here from has some interesting data if true. Share on Facebook

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America Rising video test

Saw this on youtube, thought I would test how to embed a video Share on Facebook

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What is up with California?

I always thought California was part of the United States of America.  But the news lately sure sounds bad…Especially the school system. What the hell are they trying to teach there? Of course I live in hicksville to some. But the American Flag is revered here. Examples of what I am talking about are the […]

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