Immigration – Obamas Dream Act Speech

Posted on July 1, 2010
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I write this immediately after listening to President Obama’s speech about Immigration Reform. My first immpression? More fluff. No meat. Same story again, nothing new.  VERY VERY short on enforcement and securty. He did mention that the “Rules are unenforceable”. What a crock.

First having a politically biased invocation….bad move.

President Obama, after dropping Ted Kennedy’s name moved on to the topic… Stating that America has always accepted immigrants, and how beneficial they have been. Who disputes that? Let me try to apply my BS filter to his speech and see what actually came out.

He supported the Dream Act, and still does….and wants it implemented.
We need bi-partisian support to pass it. DUH.

I dont think he gets it. Really, Mr. President you are a smart man… We want you to stop the flood of illegal immigrants. Not to stop legal immigration.

We DO need a smoother path, quicker path to legal immigration..and we need to limit the number. We dont need a huge Dream Act to achieve it. Besides we DON’T TRUST YOU.
We don’t want another multi-thousand page law that even congress hasn’t read before voting.

First actually ENFORCE the CURRENT law.
Why can’t this issue be broken down into smaller acceptable units.
1. Remove the incentives for illegal immigration – hit the businesses…HARD.
2. Stop benefits to illegals…..
3. Yes deport them as you can.

4. Reform the legal process, migrant worker visas or similar. I wonder how many migrant workers “really” want to be American citizens…Ok, let them work, pay taxes.  Come and go as they please…provided its through legal access points.

I do find myself agreeing on several points.  Our border is too big to “lock” down. We can improve security a tremendous amount, and empower the patrols.  We, as a Nation DO have the right to determine who we allow into our country.  Does not mean anything if you do not enforce the law.

I was please to hear you say no “Amnesty” for the current massive group of illegal aliens. And that’s what they are…Unless they have applied for immigration…then they are called  illegal immigrants….
I believe if you just enforced the law as written you might find that the amount of illegal border crossings will decrease or virtually stop. Thus allowing border agents to focus on other illegal activities I.E drug smuggling.  Deter the flood….AND at the same time you can work on “reform”. Reform,enforcement, and security are all parts…INDIVIDUAL parts.

I noticed your comment about “more boots on the ground” in regards to the Border / Security aspects… Good! Now triple that amount and EMPOWER them to take action instead of “administrative” positions. ENFORCEMENT!

You made some comments on Arizona and referred to SB1070. That you understood the frustration.  I dont think you really do understand the depth and outrage many Americans feel. You are not to blame for our current laws, but having been made aware of the issues, will take the blame for the lack of protection YOUR administration is providing.  Not only you but any Representative or Senator, Democrate or Republican, that supports your lack of action methods.  That DO NOTHING UNTIL I CAN GET MY WAY method is going to cost your party. One of the TWO complaints I hear about the Arizona law is that it “COULD” lead to some type of civil rights violations or profiling.  I  am tired of hearing people say the law “MIGHT, or COULD LEAD, or in your case you said “POTENTIALLY”  all terms of speculation, no fact. That is like saying don’t build a roof because it COULD fall on you. If some one showed up in court and said something MIGHT happen do you think realistically a logical argument can be made?

You don’t understand that America is made of of immigrants, LEGAL immigrants.  You don’t understand that the rapid change of demographics causes cultural friction. It must be controlled, before it controls us.  This isn’t to say we cant have change. But it must be controlled change. Our current laws if enforced would have accomplished this, but previous administration also chose to “kick the can down the road” as you said.  All the laws on the books, whether old or new, are meaningless if not enforced.

Why MUST reform be done YOUR way? I suspect that if you broke it down you might find many areas in the Dream act that are acceptable to a larger population subset than the entire mess. Having more support thus more likely to get passed.
You talk much but accomplish little, at least little that is popular with the majority of American Citizens, for whom you work.

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