Why dont people get it? on illegal aliens?

Posted on August 8, 2010
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Updated Feb 7,2017

Since Donald Trump was elected and actually started implementing some of his promised changes on immigration … The left has started screaming. Liberal States suing etc.  Although Presidential power on immigration and travel to America or “Exclusion of aliens” has been clearly upheld in the past.  All fear mongering talk about the *wall*. All we really need to do about illegal immigration is in my original post below, summarized thus…. Fix the 14th amendment so only babies born on US soil by LEGAL residents (*here legally*) can become citizens. Enforce the laws on immigration. Which in turn will simply make the environment less friendly to illegal immigration. It will slow to a trickle of its current pace. Then reform the laws to streamline the process for qualified applicants.


Original post from 2010.

Haven’t posted in awhile. Not that events haven’t warranted more rants. I thought I would wait to see how things unfold with the Arizona SB1070 issue and other States following.

Then I stumbled across this Op-Ed by Roland S. Martin Titled “Ditch the 14th Amendment? Why stop there?” A PERFECT example of FLUFF. And distraction..and someone WHO DOESN’T GET IT.  He deserves the IDIOT tag.

Here is the article ..at CNN

I mean even I have heard of this guy. But his points are vague and misleading.

Simply changing the 14th Amendment to apply to LEGAL visitors of this country opposed to ANYONE in the country.. Will deter illegal aliens with ZERO impact on legal visitors that may have a child born here, and thus be granted citizenship.  The purpose of the 14th was NOT to allow an influx of unwanted aliens.  He even states correctly “… the 14th Amendment was not in the first U.S. Constitution as drawn up by our framers. It was adopted on July 9, 1868, to prevent Southern states from denying citizenship to former slaves and their children, …”. (I added italic emphasis)

This is NOT just a Mexican immigration issue, Koreans, Chinese and many other groups of ILLEGAL ALIENS would be impacted..

He seems to think that the desire to change the Amendment is the GOP’s FIX for immigration. It’s not.

What to do with the MILLIONS of current ILLEGAL aliens in the country is a separate issue.  This is NOT just a GOP issue, it is a LOGICAL issue.

You see this standpoint from many people who think immigration is a single item, that is…what to do with the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL aliens…. That is a simplistic view.

I have said before, being the expert that I am… (self proclaimed and all that….)

Fix the border, create and environment within the US that is less friendly for ILLEGAL immigration.. (which amending the 14th Amendment would certainly do)  THEN as a separate item…and ONLY after the border is more secure… decide what to do with the current ILLEGAL aliens in the country desiring TRUE Citizenship. (Of course other things should be done…i.e ENFORCE current laws)

Why is that concept so hard to understand for many on the left?  Why is it WRONG to enforce our laws????  There is no need to point fingers at past people or groups and say they did let this happen.

Lets FIX it. And move on to real reform.

Speaking of Real Reform in Immigration, which translates to THIS problem:

A. Allowed to stay with a path to citizenship, or
B: Send them home.

VERY SIMPLE…. The left and other groups are afraid of the B option….  So they focus on that aspect instead of fixing the problem that allows..no..encourages.. illegal aliens. They use scare tactics, emotional heart tugging pleas.. Americans are NOT going to just throw out 12 million or more people ..lets be realistic…. But we MUST STOP THE FLOW….

I can’t think of, and have not heard of, a single valid argument against changing the 14th Amendment to close the loophole of “Anchor Babies” by people illegally in our country.

Refuse to be swayed by distraction and emotional appeals…
From his article:  for example .. “So what is the GOP’s plan? To make it retroactive? OK, how about we take it all the way back and toss out all of the white descendants and anyone else non-Native American”   See this is a scare tactic…. It is not factual….

He does make a couple of points but they are just common sense. The rest of the article goes on and one about why not go on and change other amendments…. Thus having NOTHING to do with the issue.

Changing the 14th Amendment should not be needed, however the U.S. Government to date has been slacking on enforcement.  (BUSH,CARTER,NIXON,OBAMA blah blah it doesn’t matter what was in the past….move on…)    It will allow legal aliens to be granted Citizenship if a child is born (to the child). And deny such a honor to ILLEGAL ALIENS.  Thus deterring them from coming to America JUST TO HAVE A BABY to assist them in gaining citizenship.

Lets stop this NOW.  FIX the LAW to stop this illegal alien influx. Force Immigration thru the proper channels. (And FIX those channels…..One should not have to wait 5 years and spend thousands of dollars to become a legal American… We WANT and need legal immigrants…)

And Mr. Roland…. Focus on realistic aspects, stop the random silly comments. You have a great platform, why don’t you be helpful instead of divisive.

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