Why I am not voting for Gene Taylor…

Posted on October 20, 2010
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Gene Taylor, D-MS-4 is considered a moderate. He is generally well liked along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Perceived by locals to be helpful for our area.

I have met Mr. Taylor twice. He wouldn’t recall me, it wasn’t that kind of meeting. More of a grin and shake meeting..  I actually like him. But I wont vote for him again. I have voted for him in the past despite my GOP tendancies and being a conservative. Because at the time he was the best for us.

But times have changed. Mr. Taylor hasnt changed. But I have. (Along with MANY others)
My priorities are different. I want a conservative power base for the good of America. I want legislators that will have some backbone when it comes to supporting my way of life. Someone that has the balls to stand up and say “thats all well and good…but we can’t do it…because we cant pay for it right now.” when it comes to spending.

Someone that will say…go out and earn your income…the Government isn’t giving it to you. Someone that will protect what I earn..and let me keep it to use how I choose. We need someone that not only pays lip service to us about protecting our morals and beliefs, but will actually STAND UP and keep our traditional beliefs that our founders guided us with..which works…for us.

I dont want a follower in Congress…. I want someone that will say…My constituents dont believe that...and I will represent THEIR beliefs….for them.

Someone that will say, “I like that part of the Bill, but that earmark….no it needs to go because its wasteful”…And I will not VOTE for a BILL just because it has a tasty earmark for me…. Yes I know…a naive concept in Washington….

A US Senator or Congressman should put the needs of the US first, then the State…. At least during these times.  Our very foundation is being chipped away…and it must be stopped or our United States might as well be called “One State”  It is NOT the job of the Federal Government to give me welfare, or healthcare.. Lately it is gotten very good at those jobs…and your money.

I want someone that will put “whats right” before his re-election.

It is the job of the Federal Government to protect us from enemies. But our borders are leaking illegals daily…STOP IT.

We, yes thats right WE need someone that understands the Constitution and the power of the STATES….and  that the Federal Government..should be as small as necessary. That the Supreme Court needs to stop modifying the Constitution from the bench and their personal beliefs..

I dont know if Gene Taylors replacement will fulfill all of those requirements, but I do know that Gene Taylor has not shown that he does, or is willing to stand up for those concepts.  Secondly, Washington is being taught a lesson…that the People do in the end, control our country…they just have forgotten to represent the ideas of the People….Instead they feel it is their job to “Nanny” and coddle the people.  Don’t make us modify the Constitution to prove it…..We will try replacing you first…perhaps the new guys will “GET IT”.

We once had  a country that many in the world admired. Many still do, but we are perceived as weak…we refuse to stand up for ourselves. Much of this is because we try (Our Government and Courts) to appease everyone. But let that appeasement override our underlying foundation, to try to change it… At some point we have to stand up and say enough. We are who we are…Americans. Lets not change that very essence that makes us Americans. Where people are truly free to make their own decisions..well unless they want a toy with their Happy Meal. <– That is an example of the Government going to far. How long before I can not put sugar in my coffee?  Unless this migration to European style “Nanny” Government is stopped…….and reversed…we are doomed as a country.

My child will not grow up being dependent on the US Government to feed and care for him.  Neither should yours.

He WILL NOT HAVE to pay for your childs healthcare.
He WILL NOT HAVE to learn Spanish.
He WILL be expected to pass or fail on his on skills and knowledge.
He WILL have the right to defend himself with GUN.
He WILL be able to be a Christian if he choses. (%71 of Americans are…so ACT LIKE IT)
He WILL NOT be afraid to tell others what he believes.
He WILL be an American, and HE WILL be prepared to defend all of that.

I WILL Vote for people that will encourage this..
Now why wont you?

Added after original posting: Some links


Gene Taylors voting record- http://www.votesmart.org/voting_category.php?can_id=26932

Steve Palazzo voting record – http://www.votesmart.org/voting_category.php?can_id=69521

I have heard/seen numerous posts and discussions that Gene Taylor will wait until the vote tally shows that a “unpopular to conservative” bill is going to pass anyway and then cast his “Nay” vote to keep up his conservative image. I have not confirmed this and am trying to find somewhere that this is documented…Very troubling if true…

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7 Responses to “Why I am not voting for Gene Taylor…”

  1. ThePeachy1 on October 20th, 2010 12:14 pm

    First I want to say I agree with 99% of what you wrote above. But I know Gene, I have met Gene on a few occasions, and I have called his office for assistance with a few matters. I am ALWAYS treated with courtesy and those phone calls ALWAYS rectified the situation within 48 hours. Yes Gene is a Dem, but let’s not confuse all Dem’s with insane liberal/socialist. Gene is not. He does actually stand up for the coastal people and has a proven track record of not just “going with the party flow”. Gene will never be a Rupb. But I would rather have an honest, hard working, constituent responsive, representative, that someone who is jumping on a bandwagon that I have a questionable opinion of just because he is a Republican. I usually vote the party lines, R all the way. But I can’t do that unless the R is better than the D. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  2. BacardE on October 20th, 2010 12:29 pm

    Ah Peachy, right on as usual. I didn’t say I dislike Mr. Taylor, only that I won’t vote for him. You are however somewhat misleading about not just going with the flow. While its true he does care for the coast and his folks, do you know how many bills he sponsored and what they were? 5 that got passed… nothing important, name changes of federal buildings and such.
    Its true indeed he did vote against a couple of hi visibility items that were unpopular here against the party lines. And he is to be congratulated for that. But he voted FOR more items that I dislike than against. I think you have mistaken my point. I (stressing the I) want someone that will pro-actively protect my rights. That will look beyond Mississippi at times. He is NOT a conservative and therefore can not be expect to support a conservative agenda. The other options are not really good either in this election, but I would prefer someone that pretends to be a conservative in the long run. I would fully expect new blood to be responsive and courteous in respect to calls for assistance.
    All your points and comments are valid….Just my way of thinking….Glad to see you actually read one of my posts!

  3. ThePeachy1 on October 20th, 2010 10:19 pm

    Ok so it’s going to a public debate then. Cool. I again respect and agree with you on so much of what you wrote above. But do you know how it works up there? I do. You go against the grain you are shut down and shut down and shut down. Guess what Gene did by crossing party lines and being the most far right dem in Congress. He got shut down. Yes he got 5 things passed nothing major as you say, but in fairness he was a little busy fighting insurance companies and handling the stresses of FEMA and insurance and local GVT. Sorry he wasn’t getting a kick back from huge insurance and sitting on his butt in GVT arguing about a law that couldn’t get passed even with his signature, but when big things went down, Gene generally stood in our best interest. I know both candidates. They are just names and TV ads. Like I said Gene is up there crossing party lines, representing his people and then down here, in the dirt, mud and mold fighting with people that buy off much bigger people then him. That is the kind of GVT I want. I understand NEW blood. I have voted for it and against it. Have you looked at who the ” new bloods” big $ backers are? The Repub that is going against Gene? Guess who, BIG INSURANCE, how many people along the cost lost their homes or had to move because insurance rates went up 300%. Yep, and Gene fought them and blocked them at every turn, the new guy, he’s being sponsored by them, being new he’s not aware that an early campaign purchase will turn into you being their whore for all eternity. I have seen it, he doesn’t have the politically skills or common sense to win a sack race. If he wins this it will simply be because there is a D in front of Gene’s name. Not because he is the better guy. Surely you had to LOVE Trent Lott. Serious R from here, guess who mentored Gene the D. this new guy has NOTHING, no one and nothing but the fact we are all so pissed about our current gvt that he’s sliding in.

  4. ThePeachy1 on October 20th, 2010 10:25 pm

    Even if P ( the guy going against Gene) has the purest of intentions, the saying goes the best intentions of mice and men are laid to waste. He’s got no clue what he’s going to be against. When we clean out the bad guys up there, it would be really great to have a good guy a fair guy around to help welcome the new guys in and keep the old ones in line. Someone who has dealt with the lobbyist and knows the ropes, can work and play well with others while caring and pushing for what his people need and want. Not just some kid with an R by his name on a ballot whose riding the fury train with hundreds of others who have no clue that a butterfly flapping it’s wing in Asia will cause a wave across the world. Go back to my first comment. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  5. BacardE on October 21st, 2010 9:48 am

    Nice. I have to agree with you. A check at votesmart.org on Taylor shows he most assuredly doesnt follow the Main Democratic path. He fully supports 2nd Amendment rights, wants to limit immigration and enforce border security. Is Pro-life… all things I am in favor of.. (The data is from a previous election,as he hasnt responded to current survey) but I suspect he hasn’t changed his stance on most of the items. You do know there are 3 people running..a Libertarian also..while I like “some” of his stances I believe they are untenable.
    As you say the R person Palazzo, is a untried newbie. A risk…However A review of his voting record shows that he holds similar stances on the same issues I mentioned for Taylor. Taylor as a “Conservative-Leaning Populist” is not a “bad” choice. Although I dont understand why Taylor was against extending the Bush tax cuts.. But… I dont think Palazzo will be much different other than he “probably” will consistently vote more conservative.
    And .. again.. I am not looking at what he will just do for South MS, but for the country (along with other conservatives..strength in numbers).
    If its even close…perhaps, just perhaps the current occupants of the Senate/House and that White House will see that Americans are SERIOUSLY pissed… perhaps they will finally GET IT…and start doing their jobs they way we want them to perform.

  6. ThePeachy1 on October 21st, 2010 10:41 am

    If you would like to meet Gene and personally ask him why he voted against the Bush tax cuts then we can do that, he’s that type of politician. I do understand that it takes a LOT of most Americans to get seriously pissed. But like when you are a parent and you have 3 kids, 2 of them screw up consistently so you finally drop the punishment hammer, do you also punish the 1 kid that has been following your rules, and wishes ?

  7. ThePeachy1 on October 26th, 2010 11:26 am

    Ok, so as you can see I have been pushing the entire Gene Taylor, fair, smart, crosses party lines even though he’s a D. Defending his honor if you will. So this past weekend I go to the county fair, and there’s a Palazzo (R) booth, he is Gene’s opponent and a R, I went up to the ladies and explained my concerns, that I was indeed an R but felt Gene was a good vote because he crosses party lines, knows the ropes, and listens to the people he represents. And even though I am a Hard R, I would rather have a Good D in office than an R who doesn’t have a clue and is already getting his back scratched by big $ lobbyist. They listened, they explained, they offered proof, they provided me with materials. They treated me with respect and maturity even though I was telling them I was NOT voting for their candidate. So then I proudly drag my kicking and screaming R family to Gene Taylors D booth. Where you find 2 sloppily dressed people, a woman, and a man, both with pony tails. I told them I was a Republican and I was voting for Gene because I believe in him. The woman rolled her eyes and turned her back to me and would not look at me, the pony tail homeless looking man, looked me dead in the eyes and said, ” you’re a republican?” I said yes but I think Gene is fair and will vote for whats right not the party lines. The man then called me a fascist pig. I was shocked. He said all republicans were either fascist pigs or idiots. The woman would not look at me but nodded her head upon his nasty declaration. I was shocked. So I came home and emailed good old Gene. Explained what happened and waited by the phone and email like a good little fascist pig. If you let idiots represent you in a race that you may VERY WELL LOSE you do not deserve my vote. and I will be dead and buried if I will vote for someone who allows any constituent; black, white, rich, poor, R or D be called a name by it’s workers, Take your tree hugging asshatted campaign workers and drive their butts to California, then leave them there. Sorry Gene you just lost the ONLY R that was going to vote for you.. So Mr Palazzo you want to talk? Prove to me why I should vote for you and how you will handle being bought by insurance company lobbyist before hitting the ballot. maybe I slap some lipstick on this old pig and run against you both.

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