My experience with AT&T .. or how to get your DSL fixed..

Posted on December 8, 2010
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At home I have a AT&T “extreme” DSL service.  It has been very reliable…until a couple of months ago.  Now for some unknown reason I get sporadic disconnects and delays.

I will be contacting AT&T and documenting their response and helpfulness. I expect to be very frustrated initallay going thru their “first level” tech support. With them follow their hard coded book of instructions… Like they wont think I have tried removing power and rebooting…..

Here is a graph of some of the delays. This graph show the time it takes to “ping” the first network device upstream from my DSL. The I.P address shown is the address of the upstream device, not my home I.P.

The DSL is a Westell modem in bridge mode with a Netgear Rangemax router providing the PPOE connection. To complicate things more… I dont have Voice phone service with AT&T, I use a VOIP provider…so it will be challenging to “talk” to the support person when they want me to reboot, reset etc the device…which of course would disconnect me…and our Cell Phone coverage SUCKS is poor,  but again it is AT&T wireless…..hmmmm.

DSL performance to first upstream hop.

Here is the latest graph. Click on it for a full size view.

Before I get started on this support issue just a reminder…

The DSL,ROUTER have been rebooted…MANY times…..

I Have tried several phone outlets with similar results.

I HAVE NOT tried connecting the modem directly to the outside network interface box….A logistical nightmare…..

This problem occurs also when I have the DSL connected directly to a computer bypassing any routers.

I Have used two different DSLs with the problem occuring on both. I have used a different router…

Interestingly enough rebooting the DSL usually does not fix the problem….or it rapidly reoccurs.


I have done a couple of things to help “clean up” the network. One was to eliminate my wifi connection from the monitoring system to a wired connection which helps somewhat. (see below). However that was NOT the cause.  Interestingly enough the problem has mostly went away. NOT because of the wiring changes but some external event. We had some issues with our ATT wireless phones and got a manager involved, and when she was apprised of our dsl issues noted that she would pass on our problem, after getting some information i.e our dsl account number….and like a day later the problem ceased.  This will be my last update, unless the issue reoccurs. I will keep monitoring the connectivity for tracking purposes.

Here is a graph of the internal network i.e. Computer to Router when the connection was changed to a wired connection. Note that this change only affects the monitoring system. Our problems occured to all devices.

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