The War within America

Posted on April 14, 2011
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The United States has formally declared war against foreign nations five separate times. Each upon prior request by the President of the United States.  Wars are declared usually after hostile attacks on the United States have occurred.  Wars are fought for pretty simple reasons. Power, influence, perhaps over resources.  Or to even protect ones influence,power and way of life.   An oversimplification perhaps, but true I believe.

Today, factions within our borders are fighting each other to achieve more power and influence. To gain more resources.  These battles are being fought in Washington, California, in your state, in your home town. And in your church.  All sides use threats of harm, death, and withholding of basic necessities as weapons of terror. Each side attempts to sway the public using these methods. The combatants dont wear uniforms, they dress like you and I.  As the “President” often says…”Let me be clear…” This is a very real war, with very real consequences.

Why is this happening?

First: We, (the people), are no longer united.  “We” is now “ME”.

Second: “..form a more perfect Union..”  Now this doesn’t mean a teachers union, or the Teamsters…..

Third: “..establish Justice…”   Well not when the Supreme Courts makes law….or worse interprets law based on a judges personal bias.


The first premise is the problem.  We are NOT united. Nor do we have united goals. This group wants, that group doesn’t want.  Majority rules…right?
NO. It doesn’t. Not in this administration or any like it.  At some point in time Congress and the Supreme Court have forgotten that the United States is a group of individual States. Each State has independent laws to govern its members.  And when Congress or the Executive Branch create laws against the majority wishes of the general population, well unrest occurs. Which is the reason for the tactics used to “sway” public opinion……

It is all a big set of lies….    Obamacares’ purpose isn’t to save lives…it is to sway a chunk of the population to vote for them. Allowing aliens from other countries to come to the United States..and not be arrested for breaking the law…isn’t about stopping families from being split apart…its about swaying public opinion in that group to vote for them… Sending troops to Iraq wasn’t because Saddam Hussien killed 100000 Kurds….or we would have stopped the Tutsi and Hutu in Riwanda from killing almost a million people.  I dont have a problem with the U.S fighting overseas to protect our economy…just say it for what it is….

I do have a problem with the Federal Government trying to limit the States rights.  Especially when nothing gives them the power to do so…

It’s that pesky Constitution thing again….

As long as the Federal and State governments follow Constitutional guidance….things are fine.  It may not be “right” it may not be “happy”…but its correct.
If something major comes along that the majority of States want to change, thats against the Constitution…then change it… but its not the Federal Governments job to “dictate it”. Thats a shortcut option. And often very unpopular with a majority of the States.

But I, yet again am rambling..

The “Problem in America” is you.

Really. Its very plain to see.  You elected self serving idiots, for your self serving reasons.  You want and want and want…. But aren’t willing to sacrifice your income to pay for it. Let someone else pay for it.  Well…we can’t.  The U.S has much money, along with much debt.  To much debt. Those self serving folks you elected dont want to lose your vote…so they wont try to save money by cutting programs you might use. They too have lost the “WE”. WE must decide that to Save our U.S.A. WE will have to “suck it up” and lose perhaps some of those “entitlements” that, by the way, you aren’t perhaps paying for….The rest of us are digging deep in our pockets.    The fact is that MANY things will have to go. Some decisions will be painful.  But everything should be on the table. The answer isnt really raising taxes….but we must stop spending so much.

We need a leader that will tell us to tighten our belts, unite us to save our way of life.  Not one that simply bad mouths the other sides ideas. At least they are taking it seriously. They KNOW the cuts will hurt us. But it has to be done NOW.  If you want a real scare tactic…start talking about our budget in 20 years…..and the deficit.  Assuming the U.S doesnt default on its loans.  That won’t be pretty.

If our economy crashes all those worries about Gay Rights, Obamacare, Illegal immigration…won’t mean squat.  Getting food in your childrens mouth will matter.

We need a hero, a self sacrificing person to lead the way. We need 300000000 of them. Including you.  To don the invisible uniform of a person fighting to save America.

To stand up to the self serving fools that desire to erode our common beliefs and foundation, to their own desires, for their own reasons.





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