Oh The Humanity!

Posted on August 3, 2011
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Once again everyone is complaining about a new law. That short term quick fix of the deficit. You know where President Obama said months ago he would not support a quick fix. He signed the new Quick Fix that doesnt really reduce the deficit. Doesnt “really” reduce actual spending….Doesn’t really increase taxes…. Only allocates more money we don’t have.

Everyone is complaining. The Tea-Party didnt get a real reduction…didnt get less taxes. Liberals didn’t get more taxes for social programs…

Anyone who tried to stand up for their principles…we called all kinds of names… Tea party is holding America Hostage..etc..

That type of rhetoric is frankly bs. Liberals always say any cuts mean we want to kill babies. People are going to starve… The Humanity of it all…

Lets face it. We can NOT keep increasing our real spending. Even raising tax revenues is not going to help. It might help reduce the deficit, but until we actually spend less than what the country takes in…..the deficit will remain. We MUST spend less. Budget less. This means cuts. Yes maybe health care, maybe medicare, maybe my military retirement,defense… its all got to be looked at and reduced. We must encourage growth of businesses. Not tax them to death. I dont care if GE made a profit of 5.8 billion, really I dont. Thats what businesses do…make money. Lets encourage them to make more…and hire me.

The Tea Party, in fact any group that supports a more conservative approach with less spending need to step up, and stand by those principles. To hell with the liberals. The fact that there was so much gridlock in congress simply means the 2012 elections havent occured. We are tired of seeing government throw our money away. Less aid to other countries…we need it ourselves right now. Less free money to social programs. Let the states deal with that issue more, if they so choose.

Our economic woes are not the fault of a single administration but of a paradigm shift in the way we do things. Somehow, somewhere and it doesn’t matter who..got this country on a path of spending without having the real money to support the spending. We are trying to stop or slow that down. But that makes us evil. If a liberal holds up a law because it doesnt have tax increases to pay for their precious snowflakes birth control its ok…But if a conservative holds up a law because they dont believe that raising taxes is beneficial to the nation as a whole…they are called terrorists? Thats fair? Yet another double standard.

Wake up Liberals, Progressives, and in some cases Democrats and Repubilcans… The conservatives, the ones that believe in a balanced budget and fiscal responsibility, and that believe that the US Government is to big, are indeed coming to town. We wont give up, we know the very survival of the United States as we know it is in our hands. Expect to see us in 2012 and beyond. We are here to stay.

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