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Posted on October 14, 2011
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Fear us, for we are many….

We are the 100%. We represent the masses of humanity that are tired of hearing your excuses. Tired of the lies, the misinformation.

No longer will be stand idle, as you take what is ours…..

No longer will we tolerate your trash, We tire of hearing your constant whining. Your constant desire to take what is others and give, undeserved , to those with the “gimme stuff” mentality. We stand for those that work for a living. Responsible people that earn their own belongings.

You see us everyday. Standing.. watching what you do…  And how you do it.  Not realizing that some of us are some of you. While few, if any, of you are some of us…. We too, are unhappy with the country today.. With our politicians who made it that way.  Our goals are similar…our methods differ.  You want change, we want change. You bitch about it. We change it. “Occupying” something may make for good news, it may sway, temporarily a politician or two..that is until the election is over…then it will just go back to getting screwed.  You want to take things from others….that you feel you are entitled to possess.  Unearned.

We want to restore what worked, before it was mutilated into a huge uncontrollable government. We want to return responsibility to you. You will be empowered once again, to control your life. Control your children and they in-turn to control theirs.

You seem to want..more..  You union wants more..(why then do non-unions deserve less? )

You want freedom, a job (so you say), independence. We want that too.

We ar the 100% tired of your whining.

We are 100% sure that everyone is mad, wants change.  We saw what hope and change did for us.

We are 100% sure we DIDNT like that change.

Tomorrow or the day after, you will (those of you that have jobs and realize you want to keep them..) go back to work .. and nothing really will change. We must restore America to its concepts of Freedom and personal responsibility. And we do that by changing the politicians…….Not sitting on our asses in some park.

Have a nice … (Hopefully rain free!) day.

No more IDIOTS.

No More Idiots!

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