Stop it! Or I will bury you alive in a box…

Posted on January 19, 2012
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Stop it.  Stop letting symbols control how you feel.

There is a funny TV skit from an episode of Mad TV that many people should take to heart.  It is about a woman with an irrational fear of being buried alive in a box and she is at at her doctors and explaining the problem. The “Doctor” has some simple advice for her…

Just change “Buried Alive in a Box” to a few other items … and take the advice. View it here.

Todays word is “offend”.  I think most people dont understand this word and what it implies.

Allow me to show you.

Here is a link to a news article “Canyons District rejects Cougar mascot, says it’s offensive to women”.  Where a school district refuses to allow the “mascot” of the team to be a “Cougar”.  While many mascots are Cougars… they .. “School District said that board members expressed concern over the use of Cougar because it’s used as a derogatory term for some women.”  

Here is a link to an article where a kid has his driving privileges revoked.. because he flies a Confederate flag in the back of his pickup. Because .. “Collier said school officials told him they wanted the banner put away because some people were offended.”

Nothing in the world offends you. Listen carefully.  I repeat. Nothing in  the world offends you. It doesnt jump out and beat you. YOU CHOOSE TO LET SOMETHING OFFEND YOU.

People who find themselves offended should “Stop it!”.  If calling a team “Cougars” is offensive to you? Stop letting it offend you.  If seeing a Confederate flag “offends” you… Stop letting yourself feel that way.

So many times in our society people pull the “Offended” card.  It is about time we took control of our own feelings.   I learned a long time ago to not let something gain control of my emotions. I may still choose to feel bad or offended when other peoples actions dont meet my expectations. But they might not intend to “hurt” or “offend” me.  Of course indeed they might do some things believing it will “hurt my feelings”. But if so, and it does, its my fault for letting it.

I control how I feel. Not you or your actions or some flag or image or phrase you may utter. And STOP assuming you know how others feel. Let them put on adult clothes and decide for themselves.

If I “choose” to display a confederate flag or for that matter the State Flag of Mississippi?





Do you find it offensive? Simply because it has a section with the Confederate Battle flag?
How about this one.






Okay, I do “allow” myself to be offended, but thats a personal choice. But I realize in some cultures this is a popular past time.

We should stop coddling people who allow themselves to b easily offended. You have to look at the intent of something before you should “feel” offended. Its not my fault if I do something that you find offensive.  Stop letting other people control you and your feelings. Dont empower them.



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