The VIP program, or the death of Mafia Wars…

Posted on March 7, 2012
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I am one of 20 million players of the huge time sink “Mafia Wars” from Zynga. I play it on facebook. I love playing it, I love the interaction with other “clansmen” or our “Family”.  We help each other progress thru the game, we fight alongside each other during one of our many “wars”. This isn’t an attempt to explain how to play the game…if you are reading this..then you already know about that.  It is about the changes in the game.

When I started playing years ago. It was fun. Not very complex. The goal generally was to become a strong fighter. Some players would rather complete all the progressions in the game and not fight as much. I prefer to fight my way thru.

Then…. Zynga began to become money hungry.

I dont fault that. They are a business after all..with the goal to hook suckers such as myself into playing the game and hope I will spend money to expedite my progression toward the ultimate fighter.

And it worked, at least to a small degree. I am a little fish now in a big pond with big spenders.

It is difficult to beat some people that are willing to spend literally thousands of dollars on a game.  But they are few and we are many.. So I still find that I win most of the time….

That will be changing soon I fear, if Zynga implements the VIP program they are testing.

Players, including myself are seeing these popups:
















This one bothers me. If more than 501 of your mafia are armed….and ONLY vip members can have that…then regular players just cant win.  Basically it will force EVERYONE to join if they want the famous LEVEL PLAYING FIELD that Zynga always states when they rollback an account that unfairly took advantage of a game glitch or cheat.
The rest of the VIP offer  isn’t “too” bad. Getting a few RP is cool. Getting access to the reallocation is very cool. I use that every chance I can to reallocate some of my health skill points to attack or defense skill points.

I can’t speak for all players. I know that its not in my budget to “have” to spend this extra money in the game just to even the play.  And if it turns out, as I am afraid it will, that you end up fighting against VIP members with 700,800,1000 mafia members equipment strength versus my 501…. The game wont be fun if you cant win at least sometimes. So I will simply quit.

Surely some players WILL decide, and be able to invest in the game making Zynga happy. But I suspect millions will simply walk away, to find cheaper entertainment elsewhere.

I hope Zynga re-evaluates this proposal.  For that matter, they should simply say…ok Mafia Wars makes plenty of money already…lets just make it work better and faster. An quit trying to tempt us into spending more of our hard earned money.

Besides any other time they tried “offers” it usually didnt work out well for them.

Best of luck to you all if they roll this out on to us.


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2 Responses to “The VIP program, or the death of Mafia Wars…”

  1. ThePeachy1 on March 7th, 2012 1:36 pm

    I find it extremely disturbing that some people have literally turned it into an all consuming drug, dumping money in this time of economic struggle into something that is free just so they can, ” be better” if anyone who has been playing it over a year hasn’t noticed that no matter how much money and time you dump in this sucking cesspool of a GAME, hasn’t figured out that no matter how much you spend you can bet in a week or month all the money you spent will be useless as they will change the game throwing you back in the pit of the “losers” who don’t spend $ on it. I can only hazard to guess the amount of time the average addict dedicates to this game, and would like each of them to compare the mafia wars hours, to the hours spent with a spouse, a child, a loved one, or anything else for that matter. Point blank it’s crack, sucks your money and your life away isolating you from real people who you opt to communicate with rather than the very real people in your life. The money spent could be used for a fishing trip, sports, new shoes, phone bills, a rose for the loved one, a movie date anything, but sadly it’s clearly many many relationships and children and families have fallen under the status of ‘NON” family being replaced by some online mafia family that the gamers opt to work on making happy.

  2. ThePeachy1 on March 7th, 2012 1:41 pm

    *** watching a movie on the couch with ones spouse is totally free, and I am sure if gamers worked as hard to keep the 4 d family as they do for their “game families” there would be tons of disgustingly happy people on the planet. Need versus want. You need new shoes, you WANT to dump money into a fictional game which is smart enough to keep evolving thus sucking your awesome status away as soon as you dump your money it. Sounds like an Ipad.

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