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Posted on October 9, 2013
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“The loss of ethics by the wealthy was a symptom, not a cause. What brought down the system was the unwillingness of the everyday citizens to live up to their own responsibilities. They allowed themselves – in fact, they pushed – to be corrupted. They insisted that public benefits – education, public safety, transportation systems – all be paid for by the rich. That doesn’t work economically unless you allow the rich more income. Once, the head of a business might have made between ten and a hundred times what one of the workers might. At the end of the Commonocracy, some heads of multilaterals made thirty thousand times what their workers did. At the same time that these so-called common people deplored the excesses of the rich, they filed hundreds of thousands of frivolous or semifrivolous claims against businesses and governments for millions or hundreds of millions of dollars, often for trivial injuries. ”  -L.E. Modesitt, “The Ethos Effect”

Its an odd quote, from of all things a book of fiction. Oddly accurate in today’s America.

Today Congress, or at least a small part of it, are locked in battle with Democrats and the President over….benefits…  Medical benefits… the Debt ceiling..so the government can borrow yet more money to fund … benefits.

Its time America lived within its budget…spend less than it takes in.  Common sense – yes?

The President was on TV trying to instill yet more panic in its citizens. We’re going to default on our bills..Maybe cut Social Security .. benefits..  Trying to increase public pressure on the recalcitrant Republicans by scaring the public. Almost everything he said was, *ahem*, inaccurate. No wonder his popularity is at a new low (37%).  It seems to me, that almost all his claims prove to be .. well just wrong.

Can anyone cite one of his programs that he has implemented where the MAJORITY of Americans approve? Immigration? Obamacare? Michelle’s school lunch fiasco? HIS administration using the IRS to target organizations that might be against his policies or goals?

I hope the conservatives stand their ground. I hope they FORCE the administration to negotiate and listen to the people. Stop spending, stop borrowing. And stop taking my money to pay for it all.  I am tired of the administration simply doing what it wants without it listening to the majority.

If the debt ceiling is not raised..we wont default on our “loans” the Government brings in plenty of money to pay those..and the Constitutions 14th amendment specifies that we HAVE to pay those first. I suppose that the current administration “could” choose to pay those and claim they have to cut welfare or other programs.  I suspect that in the long run that probably would be a good thing to reform that program and others.

Somethings will HAVE to be cut back. Simple math.  Its a burden we all must carry.  If not, the burden will fall to our children and their children. And it will be a large burden. The government can not keep raising taxes forever to pay for its excessive spending. Especially when the job market is so slow.

Americans need to change their mindset, being on the government teat is NOT a good thing. Society should encourage these folks to provide for themselves when possible. At one time people were ashamed to be on welfare. Apparently not anymore. We should help those in need…but enough already….

How do you like the selective Government Shutdown?  Most of the places that were closed, cost more to shut them down…then they did to operate. At least the visible ones that were shutdown JUST TO INCONVENIENCE THE PUBLIC.  Why shutdown open air memorials?  Yet another attempt to get the public to complain to congress to do something… Just another evil tactic of this administration to “punish” people. Unless of course its an immigration rally on the “closed” memorial in Washington… Veterans can’t visit memorials built in their honor…but allowing that rally is a SLAP in the face to the “common folks”.

This will all pass, and hopefully America will be on somewhat of a tighter budget for awhile. If it continues, things will get worse, more people will cry and scream next year..or the next time they debt ceiling needs to be raised. More likely when they see their paychecks when all the new taxes kick in to pay for those benefits will hopefully encourage some that are sitting on the fence to complain..dont complain, REPLACE those Congressmen and Senators..with some common sense oriented people.  Its refreshing to see groups going to Washington DC such as the Bikers, and Truckers. Its good to see even some of the more moderate talking heads start to question the might Administrations methods. It shows that public opinion is NOT supportive of his methods.  Such a change when it occurs will have to be a long term change. Perhaps even changing our current political two party system.  That would be interesting.

Change won’t happen until the populace changes….


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