Jackson County Amateur Radio Field Day 2014

Posted on July 3, 2014
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I recently joined the local Amateur Radio club and participated in their annual Field Day.
During this 24 hour period, groups and individuals demonstrate their ability to operate using in some cases emergency power such as generators or alternate energy sources. They build/assemble antennas in non standard locations away from their permanent locations.  They may coordinate with local EOC’s or authorities and demonstrate our ability to pass traffic/messages via non-standard but very reliable paths.

In our case we set up and operated out of the Emergency shelter facility in Vancleave, MS.  A great facility I might add.  I personally operated CW or morse code during my stint at the rig.  Was kind of rusty as I haven’t really operated CW in a long time. But it came back fast.  Had a great time even staying awake till the wee hours of the morning. I have been a licensed amateur radio operator since I was 14 years old…

I am happy that I am able to get back into a really fun hobby.

Visit the Jackson County Amateur Radio Assoc. site for information about the club.

Here are some pics of the setup and stations utilized. Had a great time and met some great hams. Be sure to see the cookies and items my wife made for the group and decorated them ‘ham style’.

If you want all the pics you can download them all in a zip file here. <- Thats for the club members that wanted copies of the photos…
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