VOA Radiogram digital test broadcast 23 OCT 2016

Posted on October 22, 2016
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I received the test broadcast from VOA on 5745 khz. I have uploaded the audio file here. (30 mb). Right click to save it on your computer…

The broadcast starts about 1:30 seconds into the file. It is a .wav file and can be read directly by fldigi. (since it was made by fldigi).

It is encoded in mfsk 32.

Embedded were a few pictures see below.

I wont include the text here.

The audio file can be used to test your setup.


pic_2016-10-23_025736z pic_2016-10-23_025530z pic_2016-10-23_025140z pic_2016-10-23_024716z pic_2016-10-23_024102z

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