A Glimpse of Reality – Getting rid of the Electoral College

Posted on November 10, 2016
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Trumps successful bid for President has seemingly outraged many voters. Its not uncommon for the supporters of the losing side of an election to feel bitter. However there are yet again, renewed calls to do away with the Electoral College process used in the United States for Presidential elections.

Asserting  a “majority rules” method is more appropriate and represents the will of the people.

They are wrong for a number of reasons which I will eventually describe.

It is a shame. That these young people have no real concept of how and why we have the Electoral process in the first place and how it is an integral part of America’s founding principles. They should be careful what they wish for…. They wouldn’t like the result.

Surely they know that the process is an attempt to proportionally allow representation by the individual States. To keep a few high population areas of the country from dictating policy to a larger yet possibly less populated States.  Which basically means you have to take in account other areas wishes before a successful vote.

It is not often a problem.  Usually, but not always, the Electoral outcome matches the popular vote outcome.

Cries of fairness occur after a mismatch between the two happen.  Such as current events with protests over the 2016 election results.

If the U.S.A wants to have a majority rules election. Then it is no longer the U.S.A.  It becomes the “States with the most people” control all the others.  And that soon becomes “Taxation without Representation“.

When that happens, people end up dying.  *In large numbers.*
That is one of the MAJOR reasons the United States came into existence.

I’m not kidding here folks.

A simple majority method change would begin a shifting of our system toward a one government, one state; And that is a very bad idea. That is why it is in the Constitution, Article II and the 12th Amendment.  To change it you have to modify the constitution again and while your at it might as well change or remove the 10th Amendment.

Young people today (I feel) just don’t understand why things are done certain archaic ways. If they are taught history at all its skimmed over. Briefly.  They aren’t taught *why* some things occurred. Or they get fed information in college by liberal “professors” that feel the United States should change its government.

Population of US 2003 Britannica.com

Population of US 2003 Britannica.com

Thankfully amending the Constitution is difficult needing three quarters of the States to ratify the change. Not going to happen folks…

The small states (small in population) if they are smart are NOT going to let it happen. Basically if you look at this map, the areas in purple could control every election despite how the other states feel. That is no representation.

Well if they are smart the States wont let this be ratified.  You never know nowadays.


Perhaps the losers should have tried to convince more people their candidate was the best one.

Something to ponder…





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