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Posted on July 24, 2018
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An Open Letter – The Family.

For more than 20 years now, I have watched you and yours.

From the moment I told you I wanted to marry your daughter you treated me like family.

I saw your love, saw your caring.

We have tried to fit in, be a part of the family. Offered our help, been asked for help and helped in times of need.

Watched as others under your care used you.  Took money from you.
Stole your items and you turned a blind eye because it was family. Watched the drama and in-fighting among some of the family. Heard the lies that were spoken. And yet you still loved because they were family.

I guess we were raised differently than your other halves offspring. We help willingly, our help wasn’t purchased with money, but with the coin of love and concern.

Now that you are gone and your main love is left to suffer the perils of the aged .. alone because it is inconvenient.

No one cares. Because they have their own petty lives. Caring is inconvenient.

After a lifetime of taking care of them, guiding them.
Supporting them financially. Being there for them.

It is inconvenient to interrupt their lives to help her. A sacrifice they are not willing to make.

You are gone, the link we had into this family gone. So we’re told we aren’t family now. Outcast.

Barely gone and they already are taking her belongings. Taking her money. A lifetime of items meant to support your wife during her twilight.

But they won’t take the time to care, at least not for long.
Some will pretend to care if they are paid. Until the money is gone..then what?

Taking away her medical care, treatments that give her a better quality of life.
Is it because that might extend her life thus extending the inconvenience?
Because they feel superior and have the right to tell her how to live?
What she wants is to inconvenient. They’ll decide for her.

Taking away even the smallest things that give her joy?
What kind of people are these that would be so callous.
So busy with their lives that they can’t help her in her most desperate time.
Without complaining about how inconvenient or being compensated?

Taking the smallest things from her that remind her of a past life, a time when life was good.
Her very memories?
Taking control of her life because they *know* best for her.
Because it is inconvenient for them to let her live her own life as much as possible for the short time she may have left on this Earth.

Who are these people that would be so deceitful? So hateful. So truly uncaring.

Every single one.. is your family. Your blood.

The ones you loaned money to, the ones you gave land to, the ones you gave life to.

And they have returned it by letting you pay them when they would *help* you.
It appears to me that they were happy to help as long as they are paid.

I saw as you aged and were less capable the *help* they offered when you asked.

Cut your grass? $$$
Fix up your bathroom? $$$
Fix your car? $$$
Bail them out of jail? $$$

I have watched, listened and learned.

You asked a favor of me as you were preparing to leave this Earth.

You knew this would happen.

I will do my best to keep that promise.

I see what they do. If I can’t stop it, I can certainly make it difficult for them to fulfill their goals.

I thank the Lord above that I am not part of that type of family, but you will always be part of mine.


Your other Son.









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