EmComm – Lessons from hurricane Michael

On October 10th, 2018 Category 4 hurricane Michael impacted the Florida panhandle. It’s 155 mph winds completely destroyed homes along the beach and obliterated the infrastructure all around Panama City. Failures: A total loss of communications occurred. No electricity, no internet, no cell phones and a failure of the statewide 08 trunked system in the […]

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Patrick Sherrill, the man I didn’t know.

August 20, 1986 is a day I will ever remember. That is the day I walked into the living room and the TV had a picture of a balding man on it. I yelled to my wife – “Hey that’s Pat Sherrill on TV”. I turned up the TV only to hear he had killed […]

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The lack of Amateur Radio utilization during emergencies in South Mississippi.

Use Amateur Radio to improve public safety. What exactly does Amateur Radio provide to local officials during emergencies that isn’t part of their communication infrastructure? I live in Jackson County Mississippi.  Sure there are periodic *nets* where we check in….basically saying we’re here…  so what? I am not aware of *any* real coordinated effort to […]

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Interfacing the UV5R with a Raspberry PI 3 Echolink-Svxlink

Today’s post is about my successfully interfacing a UV5R Baofeng with a Raspberry PI 3 running Svxlink.  Primary use is for an Echolink node connecting to a local repeater. ( Updated Jan3, 2018 – Some reports that not all variants of the UV5R work as described below. I have used the UV5R+ and UV5RV2+ successfully. ) […]

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VOA Radiogram digital test broadcast 23 OCT 2016

I received the test broadcast from VOA on 5745 khz. I have uploaded the audio file here. (30 mb). Right click to save it on your computer… The broadcast starts about 1:30 seconds into the file. It is a .wav file and can be read directly by fldigi. (since it was made by fldigi). It […]

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