The lack of Amateur Radio utilization during emergencies in South Mississippi.

Use Amateur Radio to improve public safety. What exactly does Amateur Radio provide to local officials during emergencies that isn’t part of their communication infrastructure? I live in Jackson County Mississippi.  Sure there are periodic *nets* where we check in….basically saying we’re here…  so what? I am not aware of *any* real coordinated effort to […]

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Jackson County Amateur Radio Field Day 2014

I recently joined the local Amateur Radio club and participated in their annual Field Day. During this 24 hour period, groups and individuals demonstrate their ability to operate using in some cases emergency power such as generators or alternate energy sources. They build/assemble antennas in non standard locations away from their permanent locations.  They may […]

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Working on new project

Well not exactly a *new* project. I created and host the tourism/community  related information site: Gulf Coast Information Guide, which is intended to provide all kinds of information for the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida. Its been around since 1995.   Recently we expanded and gave it a face lift. Its huge. Completely database driven. […]

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Why I am not voting for Gene Taylor…

Gene Taylor, D-MS-4 is considered a moderate. He is generally well liked along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Perceived by locals to be helpful for our area. I have met Mr. Taylor twice. He wouldn’t recall me, it wasn’t that kind of meeting. More of a grin and shake meeting..  I actually like him. But I […]

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Oil Spill makes it to loop current??

Recent satellite imagery shows the oil spill…apparently being pulled by the loop current, which runs through the Gulf of Mexico along the Gulf Coast and swings down along the Florida Keys on its path around Florida and up the East Coast. If the oil makes in into the current in significant quantity, it could easily […]

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