The Other Family…

An Open Letter – The Family. For more than 20 years now, I have watched you and yours. From the moment I told you I wanted to marry your daughter you treated me like family. I saw your love, saw your caring. We have tried to fit in, be a part of the family. Offered […]

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Patrick Sherrill, the man I didn’t know.

August 20, 1986 is a day I will ever remember. That is the day I walked into the living room and the TV had a picture of a balding man on it. I yelled to my wife – “Hey that’s Pat Sherrill on TV”. I turned up the TV only to hear he had killed […]

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The lack of Amateur Radio utilization during emergencies in South Mississippi.

Use Amateur Radio to improve public safety. What exactly does Amateur Radio provide to local officials during emergencies that isn’t part of their communication infrastructure? I live in Jackson County Mississippi.  Sure there are periodic *nets* where we check in….basically saying we’re here…  so what? I am not aware of *any* real coordinated effort to […]

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A Glimpse of Reality – Getting rid of the Electoral College

Trumps successful bid for President has seemingly outraged many voters. Its not uncommon for the supporters of the losing side of an election to feel bitter. However there are yet again, renewed calls to do away with the Electoral College process used in the United States for Presidential elections. Asserting  a “majority rules” method is […]

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Why Apple should NOT hack the iPhone for the FBI.

Law enforcement would surely like the ability to be able to retrieve data from locked or encrypted cell phones of criminals. Should Apple be forced to co-operate with the US Government and provide at a minimum the data from an encrypted / locked cell phone even if they don’t allow the FBI to crack the […]

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