Why dont people get it? on illegal aliens?

Updated Feb 7,2017 Since Donald Trump was elected and actually started implementing some of his promised changes on immigration … The left has started screaming. Liberal States suing etc. ¬†Although Presidential power on immigration and travel to America or “Exclusion of aliens” has been clearly upheld in the past. ¬†All fear mongering talk about the […]

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Opps did I do that ..

Today while scanning the news items I saw this article. It made me ponder, yet again, the WISE ONES elected in Califonia. Understand, I try not to pick on California and the people that run the state’s day to day operations…but they OFFER SO MUCH in stupid actions….it is hard to resist. Let me make […]

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You broke the law…. Illegal Aliens

Lets not soften the blow. You chose to come to the United States to live. You chose to enter MY country without permission. I, am one of the millions of Americans that up to this time have been silent. You parade and organize and have 50000 thousand people group together to tell us how unfair […]

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